To Whom It May Concern 126

To Whom It May Concern,
                          I was perfectly fine in the back shadow of the room with a great squad of people knowing me personally from putting in work and from hanging around in certain circles…so excuse my ramblings,soapboxes,crying in my drinks and being loud and noisy.
My issues have turned into subscriptions.
No one knew where my neighborhood was nor did half of New York for that a little over a month later I have become an urban legend,the neighborhood has been gentrified by the ocean,stepped on by every so called city office and trampled on by the NYC marathon.
Tourists including the National Guard snap pictures whilst families dump their lives into the street as Red Cross trucks can be heard in ice cream trucks announcing hot food which might as well just say,”Bring out your dead”.If you think I am trying to paint a grim me when I say I do not even have the colors it would take to portray how dismal the scenes are.
Ever see the end of Pink Floyd’s The Wall? Now take that then place your family along with a uncountable amount of families it could come close but minus the soundtrack…
My story is part of the whole book regardless of how many recounts of the tale is told,it’s brilliant when people on the ground talk about..”Yeah,I heard all about that..the three woman,the kids..they never found that guy,right? or,”He swam up,grabbed the S family then died.”
I say nothing until I am called out directly on it and can’t back out of the conversation,it scares me more now to even look at in hindsight so we won’t rehash the bullshit.
The actions I took during Hurricane Sandy to help other were not heroic at least to me..I can’t take a compliment no less take spotlight in the midst of a horrible event
it was nothing more than direct action that most of us have seen on the streets.I only had to impliment it in 20 feet of water instead of in front of gangs of uniforms.
The support for myself/family has been overwheming ..we can not even express the gratitude in words.
My mother cries the happy Irish mother tear when I show her posts from everyone online or when people stop her in the street,peoples homes were being looted and someone broke into my house and left clothes for my nieces and nephews.This is where the true heroics are,in the days then weeks plus as I type this nonsense right now.
Occupy Sandy,Anonymous,teachers,firemen and grassroots charities were on the ground running before any so called emergency disaster agencies even decided what dress they wanted to wear to the disaster ball,people who can’t even help themselves on a daily basis whom lost everything they’ve ever known were now wide awake to the fact these entities were not coming to the party so they themselves took matters into their own hands.
Families became their own power alongside their neighbors to step up the way NYC neighborhoods used too with the rules of the streets,your neighbor has your back.
The average person in these neighborhoods lost everything and it rehumanized them moving them into action.
I have met people from Texas,Ohio,South Carolina,Australia and every part of the Tri-State area before one single FEMA person showed up to hand me a damn phone number to what does that say for any of these offices in power who get paid you know to handle this sort of thing?
It says plenty when the price of one drone can salvage whats left of these neighbohoods in what’s supposed to be the greatest city in the world…
People are awakening to this fact and to me that is more heroic when standing knee deep in what used to be your life,that far outweighs anything I have done.
But am I well at this point?,Not one is who knows the screams muffled by transfomers exploding all around with green flashes in the dark..
I was mental before any water decided to come for a visit so the juggling of  this everyday with unwell family,keeping my boots on the ground to help people then returning to a pathetic job who now know what I do in my off time plus adding a whole lot of comma’s and and’s to things has pretty much taken it’s toll on me..
My noise may settle down a bit
You may not hear from me so often
but know I will still be boots on the ground or however I can help someone in need
Shine a light or reach me somehow
I always answer

Thank You
Thank You
Thank You
Everyone one of you brilliant people,


To Whom It May Concern 345

To Whom It May Concern,
Or to the self important blue toothed prick i normally would not take notice of whilst getting coffee but being the New Yorker i am i could hear his obnoxious conversation which i can ignore too until the words “Low Life Union Shitkicker” hit my ear… the light bulb went off in my head not to put my boots through his breakfast sandwich and into his jaw but i was shocked that the psi-op campaign against people was actually working…
The media,lawmakers,banks and everyone under the corporate sun seems to be campaigning like Joe McCarthy pointing the big blame finger on the so called working class middle of the road income people it seems the war on immigrants did not work so we shall place the downfall of the economy and society on them,its the unions fault big business is failing,its struggling peoples fault because they were thrown to the curb and can not pay their bills or eat for that matter..they love the term middle class as if it were a new strain of virus
There is no middle class,there never was.. there was always just the working person who was told that was their status so they worked harder not to be classified as the lower working poor
Its’ all their fault says Faux News so the cities and country can not stand or carry them anymore…
heavyweight multinational companies are bankrupt but they still receive their obscene King Solomon bonuses
our country is on the verge of wars on almost three fronts to secure oil so company cars
can carry millionares to their sinking ship workplaces but its’ all the little union guys fault
when he cant’ buy the new skynet app runner…but guess what they are right
it is the poor families fault for not having enough children to put on the assembly line or on the frontline
financially struggling heathens have ruined everything big business has given to society
its’ all our fault
I will personally take the blame for the decline of the strip mall convienance wasteland we call freedom
throw it right on my back with the guilt of being born with a rusty spoon in my mouth and no desire to recite Gordon Gecko mantras about greed or he who has the most toys wins
I will carry the 16 tons and what do i get?
Pssst come closer and turn off your headset..this is what we all will get
When it all comes crashing down and there is no one to deliver the bail outs,who is going to protect your BMW and huge lovely home with the gawdy lions outside i do not mean from the repo men..
I speak of me or even better groups of me who will do what we do everyday,we go out,earn our pay and survive working for bastards who have forgotten where they gained their wealth ,not from 9 given numbers but from the sweat of other people’s brows so when these numbers decide to add up
and put in a good days work
it just may be kicking in your front door
to play with all your lovely toys
an underdog will eventually find somewhere to bite
enjoy your microwaved egg sandwich

Yours cordially and forever an uneducated idealistic heathen,

P.S See you soon, toodles

To Whom It May C-oncern 45

To whom it may concern,
I know its’ been a long time gone and many words have been said but i can truthfully say these few things on one knee with my boots to the ground
through all this chaos,hell and wreckage theres’ only been one constant thing that has made me happy
those eyes,those big eyes that have melted me since first glance before even saying two words in my direction asking me if i had a light then nervously sitting away as if you were getting too close to a roped off police scene that you shouldnt’ even have noticed in the first place
ive’ known it when i was told i was never allowed to speak to you
being the guy i am i just had to know what else was behind that painting
i had to know that smile ,i had to get to that smile in my direction just to shine that light on me
that is what has gotten me through my time in purgatory
those brief moments
the short talks
the long distance talks that felt as if they were through tin can phones
ive’ fought myself into believing my road was nearing its end
low and behold it was all those wonderful things i kept in the worn jean pocket of my brain
that has defended me from myself
all these simple and glorious things
its led me back to where i wanted to be
exactly where i never should have left
eye to eye with your darling face
it has been you this whole time
if you will have me
i will never leave again

To Whom it May Concern 222

To Whom it May Concern,
If you live in this once great city you have seen the covers of all the papers..the news and heard every opinion there is to be heard about someone who is highly valued to us rotten apple dwellers
i say his name with the balls and reverence so drumroll please-Derek Jeter
love him or hate him there is no way around saying the man is good whether its baseball ,charity work or just standing there smiling he has brought hope and what little pride there was left to stiffen up a bending citys’ backbone lets’ face he could run for mayor in any city and most likely win except in Boston
he is the every man who as worked hard to get to the admiration of his peers as well as a city who pretty much hates every human being walking next to him
so lets talk about whats’ been on most peoples minds these days with Sir Derek..yes the contract..
everyone knows the accomplishments of this man in pinstripes for over the last decade i dont’ have to tell anyone its’ very well understand what he has brought to the franchise known as the Yankees
at the end of the day business is business
so this revered human being was he offered too little for his work,time,efforts or his age?
all the times he came through when you needed him to come up big ,when the shoulders needed to be big and strong to carry that last few ounces of weight that no one else could bear?
everyone around here is arguing for him..he deserved more ,even men in suits who had there hands in the sacking of 38 year company man, 150 employees and estimating on this friday about 300 more right before our lovely holiday season,maybe the captain got a bad deal either way i hope he doesnt’ lose his house or that lovely fiancee
let me know if you hear anything
as always,

To Whom it may Concern 45

To whom it may concern ,
i will forewarn you this may go off on a tangent as i climb onto this huge soapbox that
ive’ piece together with cheap glue ,the typical new york story of the aching back and long sleeves for the carrying
of the heart aim isnt’ a lee harvey oswald at anyone but a firehose aimed at anyone who will care to hear normally
a letters of this nature is for one person so if you wish to take it personal be my guest it might actually make more sense then…
this is an idea thats been circling the orbit of my brain since i was just the wee bastard in school being taught by people who were not fit to anyone
anything about life or what was even written in the outdated text book
so now that im a bigger bastard who has been around the block ,roamed these gritty allyways,kicked out of coutries and all without a trust fund
my lovely idea has crawled up from the depths of my grey matter
everyday i see dire faces, tired backs,people losing their homes as well as their minds,telephone calls from creditors and banks
job loss,workforce cutbacks if you can name it i see it on an everyday basis just for the simple fact im one of these people who is more or less
being told by the world that im not needed anymore just like outdated software the working man is obsolete piece of scrap metal that is no longer needed
in the social infrastructure be it in the suit in tie or the dirty work pants
welcome to the gentrification of the human condition and spirit…
so since most of us are so unimportant to the bailout caste system
everyone who has had enough just simply as a collective call out well from whatever workplace you despise on one day out of a year
pick a day where everyone phones up the boss and calls off work for the day for whichever reason you choose even if its to just sit on the couch and watch mindless daft televison
the file clerk,the dig digger,pill pusher, the fry cook, the guy who tries to wash your windshield at the intersection
it was a childs’ idea that ive’ recalled from my angry inner childs’ hands that when added todays state of things it is a captal idea of sorts
so imagine x amount of the disgruntled public everywhere all not being in work all on the same day
im not suggesting all meeting up for drinks or holding hands and singing around the campfire
i fathom since most of this country is unimportant to their respected jobs we wont all be missed no?
who will make your triple espresso xanax soy latte?
who will pump the gas in new jersey?
who will hand out the tanning oil before you go into the oompa machine?
who will try to teach your spoiled children while you do the neighbors teenage kid?
who will make billion dollar blunders on the trading wall street floor?
whos’ going to sell the blow to the guy who makes that billion dollar blunder?
who will make sure your phone/internet is working so you can update your facebook status?
and all the douchebag collections agents will go work so as an added bonus we can all hang up on them ….

it would be just a small reminder that without people your nothing (thank you mr.strummer)

Death or Glory,

To whom it may concern 167

To whom it may concern,
not to be cliche but this has nothing to do with you but more so with me-there is a melancholy meteorite that looms over our heads heralding significant change..i noticed it as a child and never seemed to understand since i thought with a childs mind and could not fathom change in the least bit so now with a full glossary of ten dollar words and metaphors ive’ accepted change ..moved on ..dealt with it accordingly until recently a critical ipod failure brought to light all the other critical failures surrounding me along with the wonderful Roy Batty feeling at the end of Bladerunner
an 80gb ipod software crashing for an audiophile is close to hell no less an audiophile who lives in NYC but stick with me my story makes sense once i spell it out for software rendering older models obsolete
now apply that to everything youve’ ever loved , learned or were ever taught
all the life lessons of hard work ,honesty and standard way of living being replaced by a cheaper phoned- in inferior product with no choice or say in the matter
do you see that meteorite now?

sorry just a dinosaurs observation,

To Whom it May Concern 124

Dear You,
i find myself listening to that song you used to drill into my head pushing the back button on the cd player of the car,
it is a brilliant song i wish i could string lyrics like that even the tune still gets stuck in my head
by no means does it remind me of you though it reminds me more of how i used to love this city before the lion king mounted it
this place was gorgeous to look at , full of life, culture and if it walked into a room it would light it up instantly
i guess if you asked jesus about judas he might say the same thing leading up to that whole kiss on the cheek -thirty pieces of silver fiasco
and we both know how that turned out
Be Well,