To whom it may concern 167

To whom it may concern,
not to be cliche but this has nothing to do with you but more so with me-there is a melancholy meteorite that looms over our heads heralding significant change..i noticed it as a child and never seemed to understand since i thought with a childs mind and could not fathom change in the least bit so now with a full glossary of ten dollar words and metaphors ive’ accepted change ..moved on ..dealt with it accordingly until recently a critical ipod failure brought to light all the other critical failures surrounding me along with the wonderful Roy Batty feeling at the end of Bladerunner
an 80gb ipod software crashing for an audiophile is close to hell no less an audiophile who lives in NYC but stick with me my story makes sense once i spell it out for software rendering older models obsolete
now apply that to everything youve’ ever loved , learned or were ever taught
all the life lessons of hard work ,honesty and standard way of living being replaced by a cheaper phoned- in inferior product with no choice or say in the matter
do you see that meteorite now?

sorry just a dinosaurs observation,


Ever see Conquest of the Planet of the Apes?

So in my time on this planet i can straight faced say i have been hit with just about every complex emotion reality can sling at it me well almost except this new the glow of Christmas lights while walking for coffee and smokes when my surroundings did not seem familiar i came to one conclusion
my days are numbered as well as the rest of us
the working class is obsolete
society no longer needs us
we are walking remnants of an outsourced non Wal-Marting era
facing extinction within a town housed ice age
beating a dead horse to pay for the increasing bills
instead of pocket change into that IRA account
The Museum of Natural History will have a whole wing dedicated with whole installations of what the Lower East Side
as well as the outer boroughs used to look like
Hey kids take pictures on the picket line
i only wonder who is going to drive the tourists to get there