To Whom It May Concern 126

To Whom It May Concern,
                          I was perfectly fine in the back shadow of the room with a great squad of people knowing me personally from putting in work and from hanging around in certain circles…so excuse my ramblings,soapboxes,crying in my drinks and being loud and noisy.
My issues have turned into subscriptions.
No one knew where my neighborhood was nor did half of New York for that a little over a month later I have become an urban legend,the neighborhood has been gentrified by the ocean,stepped on by every so called city office and trampled on by the NYC marathon.
Tourists including the National Guard snap pictures whilst families dump their lives into the street as Red Cross trucks can be heard in ice cream trucks announcing hot food which might as well just say,”Bring out your dead”.If you think I am trying to paint a grim me when I say I do not even have the colors it would take to portray how dismal the scenes are.
Ever see the end of Pink Floyd’s The Wall? Now take that then place your family along with a uncountable amount of families it could come close but minus the soundtrack…
My story is part of the whole book regardless of how many recounts of the tale is told,it’s brilliant when people on the ground talk about..”Yeah,I heard all about that..the three woman,the kids..they never found that guy,right? or,”He swam up,grabbed the S family then died.”
I say nothing until I am called out directly on it and can’t back out of the conversation,it scares me more now to even look at in hindsight so we won’t rehash the bullshit.
The actions I took during Hurricane Sandy to help other were not heroic at least to me..I can’t take a compliment no less take spotlight in the midst of a horrible event
it was nothing more than direct action that most of us have seen on the streets.I only had to impliment it in 20 feet of water instead of in front of gangs of uniforms.
The support for myself/family has been overwheming ..we can not even express the gratitude in words.
My mother cries the happy Irish mother tear when I show her posts from everyone online or when people stop her in the street,peoples homes were being looted and someone broke into my house and left clothes for my nieces and nephews.This is where the true heroics are,in the days then weeks plus as I type this nonsense right now.
Occupy Sandy,Anonymous,teachers,firemen and grassroots charities were on the ground running before any so called emergency disaster agencies even decided what dress they wanted to wear to the disaster ball,people who can’t even help themselves on a daily basis whom lost everything they’ve ever known were now wide awake to the fact these entities were not coming to the party so they themselves took matters into their own hands.
Families became their own power alongside their neighbors to step up the way NYC neighborhoods used too with the rules of the streets,your neighbor has your back.
The average person in these neighborhoods lost everything and it rehumanized them moving them into action.
I have met people from Texas,Ohio,South Carolina,Australia and every part of the Tri-State area before one single FEMA person showed up to hand me a damn phone number to what does that say for any of these offices in power who get paid you know to handle this sort of thing?
It says plenty when the price of one drone can salvage whats left of these neighbohoods in what’s supposed to be the greatest city in the world…
People are awakening to this fact and to me that is more heroic when standing knee deep in what used to be your life,that far outweighs anything I have done.
But am I well at this point?,Not one is who knows the screams muffled by transfomers exploding all around with green flashes in the dark..
I was mental before any water decided to come for a visit so the juggling of  this everyday with unwell family,keeping my boots on the ground to help people then returning to a pathetic job who now know what I do in my off time plus adding a whole lot of comma’s and and’s to things has pretty much taken it’s toll on me..
My noise may settle down a bit
You may not hear from me so often
but know I will still be boots on the ground or however I can help someone in need
Shine a light or reach me somehow
I always answer

Thank You
Thank You
Thank You
Everyone one of you brilliant people,


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