Salty air is a constant reminder of twirling coin toss that haunts of other outcomes and storyline where the known hero perishes passing along through the tales that everyone has on the beach
being overtaken by horrid tides of cars and rubbish sucked out into the skin of the abyss of the sea presumed missing whilst all the while struggling to stay sane repeating over and over a narrative that life went on into
daily life of the aftermath and all health effects in between trying with utmost balls to save everyone he could
as he did all along
with invention of said reality births the grinding days of corporate sodomy including the gimp suit and it’s a job mentality festering off to the side as he pains himself through sickness
fucking cowardly staying afloat with all the jellyfish,seaweed and krill like a suited shill would
would it better to have drowned in the initial tidal surge being johhny flash getting a statue of him put somewhere for neoyuppies can walk their puggles?
or is this all the aftermath


I asked for a coffe

Words get lost in the conversation ditches by the worn roadside benches
things awkward enough struggling to find the right sentences to convey exactly what is needing to be said
context out the window as emotions are contextually dyslexic and shattered as your Nanas’ fine china
tongue stumbling over the lost dictionary of the brain even if it was read aloud it would be gibberish
adjectives bursting in flames morphing into verbs with no clarity
all words lost from the intro

Caruso in Jade

There are colours passed the jaded faces of believers in D.boone
knassy knoll
kentucky blue grass green and no sign of a second shooter
mossy and scratchy like the Moss Man action figure
stumbling darker to emerald leafy pastures of
guilt tripped mint
the original quarry
boulders unfinished by the grinding of a earth tumbling or a shiny scrub
only echoing karaoke voices of Woody Guthrie,HR and Jim Carrol
Phil Ochs reading to the shabby stones
polishing them as past jaded as they were passed over
rocks deeper jade than racing green
jagged edges higher with a more abysmal color there’s a shadow
It is Joe Strummer blowing smoke to the moon laughing
Yelling in a soulful stern


Company: Woman Used Drugs With Cartoon Characters

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. — A Grand Junction-based grocery store chain said it will look into how a company that performs background checks on employees at its stores reported that a new hire had used drugs with cartoon characters. Sue Jones was placed on administrative leave and missed several days of work at City Market after South Carolina-based General Information Systems reported the alleged drug use and flagged her as a “do not hire.” The report also erroneously indicated she had previously been charged with felony drug possession and misdemeanor gambling.

Grand Junction’s KKCO-TV reported the date of birth on the criminal court cases did not match the real Sue Jones, nor was there a Social Security number to tie them to her.The court cases cited by G.I.S. listed the other defendants as Porky Pig, Bugs Bunny and Elmer Fudd. The station reported that they were phony test cases — practice for people working in the court system, using arbitrary names such as “Sue Jones.”G.I.S. executive David Bartley declined comment on the report.Jones has returned to work at City Market after disputing the G.I.S. report. She said she has never done drugs or gotten any more than a traffic ticket. City Market wouldn’t say whether it would continue to use the company to conduct its background checks.Click here to read KCCO’s story and see the video report.

You can get anything you want…

This was the first year in quite a few that have actually been with my own family for a holiday like Thanksgiving
George Bailey echoing in the background as he always did
like long ago
not having certain people around also rather odd to even be here
im more than happy to see their faces and enjoy the company
mix that awkward feeling with a sleepless raging hangover
it makes for a good day

Loose Lips Get Lawsuits

Those in the “old” media, more than a little familiar with the intricacies of libel and slander law, knew it was bound to happen. A blogger has been sued for libel in Kane County’s 16th Circuit Court.

Despite the apparent belief that those using the Internet can say anything without consequence, those with more experience knew individuals would tolerate the besmirching of their names and reputations for only so long before putting up a fight.

A court reporting firm, BESCR Inc., with offices in Aurora and Chicago, sued Trisha Goodman, a Tulsa, Okla., court reporter subcontracted by the firm. She had started a blog to complain she hadn’t been paid the $2,300 due her from BESCR Inc. Three others were sued for telling other people about the blog. The suit asks for $3.4 million in damages.

Goodman says she started the blog to help her determine if others had similar problems to those she says she’s had with BESCR. BESCR owners Elizabeth Eastwood and Steven Artstein said they fell behind in payments because of new billing software and that their business has been harmed by Goodman’s blog.

Where the case will lead, of course, is an open question. The crux of any libel action is “what is true,” something the court will have to determine. But the lawsuit nonetheless serves as a good reminder that there might be some merit in an established media that checks out the facts of a story before publication, especially if it might impugn someone’s integrity. It does so because the law says it must.

Bloggers and IMers and e-mailers may believe they are exempt, but it’s doubtful the courts will see it that way when those doing the writing are challenged by someone they write about. That’s especially so because unfounded claims and accusations can be spread globally in minutes on the Web, making it all but impossible to undo damage.

BESCR may have gone too far in suing someone as detached from the action as a court reporter from Schaumburg, Joan Burke, because she told others of the blog. She says she was forwarded a link to the blog from a business associate.

“I never added to (the blog) or responded to it, just viewed it,” she said. “As far as I know in Illinois, there’s nothing illegal about forwarding a link.”

One wouldn’t think so, but then the Wild West, which the Internet quite resembles today, didn’t stay wild forever. It eventually came to play by the same rules as other, less wild parts of the country.

It’s just as likely that the Internet will eventually have to play by the same economic rules, and the rules that protect individuals from harm by others.

A thought to keep in mind before hitting the send button or posting to that blog.