Bad Algebra

one bottle of melatonin
one full bottle of klonopin
a 12 pack of yuengling
you cant’ get to the roof of the building
do the math
divide or add fuck all to the power of whatever
one mobile call gets you this:
alot of worried people
one or two good swings at a few emts’
a ton of great charcoal drinks
decent hospital food
and an eight pack of guinness when you get out to type this
this time bomb will sleep well tonight


The Vision that was Planted in my Brain

It was unbearingly cold , i forgot how that hawk wind can creep around buildings when you least expect it
snapping your attention then another of Mom Natures’ blasts connects to the chin
there is no time to hide out for a cup of coffee
only enough time to fix the scarf and picture where i was this time last year
the sun was bright
while i fished spent fireworks from the bottom of a swimming pool                                humming Simon and Garfunkel to myself while Dustin Hoffman could have floated on a raft dreading the mess of another year passed inside this house
thinking on the cold wind somewhere else
while fixing a scarf
dodging winds
wondering  where i would be next year at this time of year

Epitaph for my Heart

New York,New York
South Ferry/Whitehall Station

When the 3:30am boat docked the passengers were shocked and horrified by what was found on the steps of the departure platform outside the terminal.Witnesses say it is common to see things dropped while running for the late night ferry but this was obvious it was not meant to be left behind so they alerted the nearest workers.”We had seen him on the phone for awhile outside here, he was loud but that is nothing to worry about around here …we thought is was a sandwich when he left” said a ten year veteran of the late shift maintenance crew.When the still beating and trampled heart was found the police wrapped it in newspaper then placed it the bin with the rest of the forgotten items that litter the ferry station on a daily basis.”If someone really wants it they will come back and get it or not it, happens all the time “cracked the officer.