Hands almost too swollen to write through an ached eye day of my own standards of heartbreak
paper cuts,sledge hammers are the same as you keep hitting the same point correctly
water will eventually wear down a rock dripping onto the precise spot
not next week or month just over enough time
everything or something will break through the hardest of surfaces
it’s all just depends on the right lighting


Potholes in My Lawn

Supposedly its said the Grand Canyon is where Lucifer crashed landed without finishing his in flight movie on his trans-continental flight from heaven..which would be harder?
the fall
or the climb back to where you were dislodged from?
facing the reasons that had you tossed in the first place all the way back up that endless foreboding ladder
could you hug the bouncers St.Pete and Micheal at the pearly gates?
this is NYC
they say there is a sucker born every minute and there is one thousand stories in the naked metropolis
i say there is more potholes with stories in this city
you can do the math
we all fall with a crash may not be here or there
or the magnitude
there are quite a few dents in the earth with my name on it
i can tell you exactly where then draw the map
not that far of a fall but how do you measure the distance from a state of grace
to the concrete