To Whom It May Concern 345

To Whom It May Concern,
Or to the self important blue toothed prick i normally would not take notice of whilst getting coffee but being the New Yorker i am i could hear his obnoxious conversation which i can ignore too until the words “Low Life Union Shitkicker” hit my ear… the light bulb went off in my head not to put my boots through his breakfast sandwich and into his jaw but i was shocked that the psi-op campaign against people was actually working…
The media,lawmakers,banks and everyone under the corporate sun seems to be campaigning like Joe McCarthy pointing the big blame finger on the so called working class middle of the road income people it seems the war on immigrants did not work so we shall place the downfall of the economy and society on them,its the unions fault big business is failing,its struggling peoples fault because they were thrown to the curb and can not pay their bills or eat for that matter..they love the term middle class as if it were a new strain of virus
There is no middle class,there never was.. there was always just the working person who was told that was their status so they worked harder not to be classified as the lower working poor
Its’ all their fault says Faux News so the cities and country can not stand or carry them anymore…
heavyweight multinational companies are bankrupt but they still receive their obscene King Solomon bonuses
our country is on the verge of wars on almost three fronts to secure oil so company cars
can carry millionares to their sinking ship workplaces but its’ all the little union guys fault
when he cant’ buy the new skynet app runner…but guess what they are right
it is the poor families fault for not having enough children to put on the assembly line or on the frontline
financially struggling heathens have ruined everything big business has given to society
its’ all our fault
I will personally take the blame for the decline of the strip mall convienance wasteland we call freedom
throw it right on my back with the guilt of being born with a rusty spoon in my mouth and no desire to recite Gordon Gecko mantras about greed or he who has the most toys wins
I will carry the 16 tons and what do i get?
Pssst come closer and turn off your headset..this is what we all will get
When it all comes crashing down and there is no one to deliver the bail outs,who is going to protect your BMW and huge lovely home with the gawdy lions outside i do not mean from the repo men..
I speak of me or even better groups of me who will do what we do everyday,we go out,earn our pay and survive working for bastards who have forgotten where they gained their wealth ,not from 9 given numbers but from the sweat of other people’s brows so when these numbers decide to add up
and put in a good days work
it just may be kicking in your front door
to play with all your lovely toys
an underdog will eventually find somewhere to bite
enjoy your microwaved egg sandwich

Yours cordially and forever an uneducated idealistic heathen,

P.S See you soon, toodles


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