Once again Jeff the god ipods has given up the ghost forsaking me to a diffrent urban sprawl soundtrack making room for the new
upgraded transportation deity…Burgher goddess of Iphonia and gentrifiction
mobile phones ringing at the six in the morning bus til the rush hour of most peoples days end
from subway platform
bus stop
bus ride
supermaket line
her tune buzzsaws
Robert Johnson would go back to the crossroads to write these blues tunes
diffrent ringtones in the same unison of malice grooved answers
i cant’ pay you this week, what? i just paid you
how much? late fees?
my kids dont even have heat and you want next months rent up front?
collections? who? goodbye
i want to travel these streets with a harmonica to play along with it all i hear and see
so you can download the tracks of the new i-life
wait my phones ringing too


Fuck Jim Carrey

As kids we always told of the boogie man ,bed bugs, the closet monster and if you grew up like me it was the holy ghost
who was no where near casper
if we were under the covers we were safe also with the nightlight on to keep away all the bumps in the night…
when i finally release my hell seeds to this earth to raise them
i will refuse to spook them with all the fear itself
they will here about the real scary things in life
i will tuck them in at night with stories of the Yes Men
plain sight vampires saying yes to anyone of bullshit authority ,no closets or dark for them
they are everywhere spreading the acceptable gene of indifference
just doing what they are told
sealing deals with limp handshakes for your better interest
sweet dreams kids

Ever see Conquest of the Planet of the Apes?

So in my time on this planet i can straight faced say i have been hit with just about every complex emotion reality can sling at it me well almost except this new one..in the glow of Christmas lights while walking for coffee and smokes when my surroundings did not seem familiar i came to one conclusion
my days are numbered as well as the rest of us
the working class is obsolete
society no longer needs us
we are walking remnants of an outsourced non Wal-Marting era
facing extinction within a town housed ice age
beating a dead horse to pay for the increasing bills
instead of pocket change into that IRA account
The Museum of Natural History will have a whole wing dedicated with whole installations of what the Lower East Side
as well as the outer boroughs used to look like
Hey kids take pictures on the picket line
i only wonder who is going to drive the tourists to get there

Gentrification:Grizzly Smith


my neighborhood is no longer mine. the property value increased so now there gonna tear up each house and every tree.
all these things sing sacred to me.
turn the block to developments and strip our history bare.
i watch the masses celebrate gentrification. they’ll build cookie cutter houses and human bee hives across the nation.
why cant we stand up to this? set the developers house alight.
gasoline and matches spread across his lawn in the dead of the night.
its a light hearted prank compared to the damage that hes done.
set the developers house alight before he builds another one.
i cant respect the living that hes made. preying on our livelyhood and goals that we’ve achieved. saved the history of our town so the rich could tear it down. maybe if we bring back the crime rate developers will leave. watch the masses celebrate the decline in street thugs and corner hustle. i’d rather local crooks than corprate contracts and corprate muscle.
why cant we stand up to this? set the developers house alight. gasoline and matches spread across his lawn in the dead of the night. its one way for us to vent and you know we’ll have some fun. set the developers house alight before he builds another one.
so when your not making the rent, heres a song to explain why you cant. just pack your shit and hit the road cause your not wanted here…..

Im fortunate enough to these guys they have more heart than an elephant, more powerful than a locomotive and can drink you under the table