U Hauls and Rest Stops

There is a constant dream i have
most would consider a nightmare
the u haul flips almost into the Carolinas
near a horrid billboard for cheap cigarettes and fireworks
the radio keeps playing
im quite content in this flipped over truck with the smell of gasoline and dirt
cars spied speeding by in the corner of my little eye
dying on the side of this road with the everything i have traveled away from
this im fine with except
i cant’ hear
what song is on the radio


Yabba Dabba Doo

When i do fall asleep, its the same reoccuring dream or nightmare depending how its viewed…
based on real events though, i guess its just an old ghost who refuses to go quietly in the night
im wandering around the NJ PATH station on the Manhatten side lost in the station
with the same saxophone player bouncing notes off the platform walls
the way to the street is caged off
revolving gates are sharp blades
the only way out is along the train track
echoing with the same notes from the saxophone
a train line to New Jersey or the Flintstones…im not sure which is worse