Brand new leopard-skin pill-box hat

School was in session after the bell had rang,through the terminal i could see a familiar sight strolling towards the waiting area its flooded with kids this time of day from the close catholic high school but i could still notice the stumbling woman coming closer…she would walk then nod out as she got nearer she would nod lower….
by the time she reached edge of the platform her handbag was touching the ground with her coat falling further then further and she went deeper into the nod they all watched intently…some seemed scared and others just bewildered
Bob Dylan’s 1965 bootleg was loud in my ear pieces so the gasps and cackles were silent to me but this junkie danced to a live version of Just Like a Women in this bus terminal for all the freshman class but
i at least had a good soundtrack
as the busses rolled in this twisted women was hanging low and all the contents of her purse emptied to the floor
condoms,ky jelly and clean wrapped needles
the public school kids dodged the junkie statue
picked up the rubbers and got on the bus
the harmonica wailed
then Dylan went electric