There is no place in the world that smells this way when storm clouds roll forward fighting a winding clock watched day of 100 degree heat,rain falls hard on baked concrete and blacktop
releasing all the footsteps and complaints into the air
baptism and sun possesed exorcism rising through all the cracks
I have chased it in other cities
the smell of an old love that drifts innocently into the back of the brain with a smile
it’s only in this city
that they do not charge you when ordering another drink
just waiting for it all to pass


Blue Tip Matches

Backward or Forward
this tunnel lacks any sort of brightness from what my eyes can see
tunnel vision used to get me home alive
blurry as a forgotten day
clearer than laughing hindsight
strolling through Battery Park with dawn rising to meet a weary traveller
waking under false acrylic skies that seem alot further for empty smiles
through one horsed fucking towns and 8 mile minimum wage walks
if you cant keep a good men down at least they can wander the graveyard
i have a light in this darkness
im told it could be myself
now only if i dont’ run out of smokes
we just might scrape by