You call it

I’ve done the walk a thousand times getting lost in treads of thought that have walked the thousand thoughts treading into
same lost footsteps that always lead these shoes well away from the direction
of her


estee twilight zone

thats where we belong be i suppose
in that other dimension
love at first sight just as it was here
no obstacles
no states
just jealous onlookers
clicking of heels and wishes
are fairytales
like those longing stares i remember
that say follow me
these heels are all worn down to the leather
i will keep clicking and get new shoes
til our business is finished

One Light,One Dark please

Sleep has become almost non exsistant, a fairytale these days
although when i do catch little slices
dreams seem to be faintly real even though
the rational brain knows this is just a cloud thats passing through
a tired brains leftover daylight
i spotted you crossing the street on St.Marks from the window of
one my old haunts
of course i left my pint and told the bartender to hold my drink
police and thieves died on the jukebox as i hit the street to catch up to your frantic walking pace
i called your name
that hair spun around with a flash of those eyes
a look of surprise followed
the street was busy ,i could tell you what color the happy hour suits were
you didnt’ recall my face even when i did my best to convince you
you told me you were lost and so was i
with that laugh
offering to help you get to where you needed to go
you refused
then smiling
told me you didnt’ belong here as you walked with the rest of the herd
heading back to the bar
a fight broke out on the corner with swords ,bows and arrows
fire came from all over with fierce screams
i rolled over
cursed the fucking cartoon blaring television
changing the channel
to find another repeat to sleep too