Just Like My Father

The candle burns at both ends with only enough wax to last for so long
all the soldiers are weary,dug in tightly knowing no rest
the war has only one outcome and it has already been seen
no crystal balls or tarot cards
only the commanding officers who came before falling without mercy or a quiet Ave Maria
the casualties are everywhere laying down arms no longer able to fight
they say cowards die a thousand deaths
a poet dies every minute
the private suffers a slower death on a daily basis
8-12 hours with life trenched in the fox hole
bullet wound in the gut continuing the fight
taking your own life is unacceptable
just keep doing it for the company and the pennies on their dollar
die for their cause to fill your belly and starve your soul
your life is not yours to take
it’s theirs


New World Order of Guilt

When you spend time going without certain things for so long that when they arrive they are wrapped in a well tied guilt bow
Little things
A compliment
Basic things for some people
For me I feel as if I’m not worth the time to have time
The bite to eat and the wink is above me
A peasants daily routine doesn’t include such things
I’m criminal and should
Forget them

Monday is always Monday

Days of this nature drain the soul out of living things with every ugly downward fucking
stare it’s just the normal state of the Monday zombie complex
but then again most days are Monday on repeat,that broken mp3 player that will only Three Dog Night’s One is the Loneliest Number…it is a miserable working world after all
At the end of it even though oceans are huge
streets are ready to explode with dissent among us infidels
I am content with getting her to smile
Romantics kill fascists only a daily basis
they just take too long to figure it out

Voices blur through the day where the windows get dirtier,where the reflection staring back
meets the reality of the viewing party
the face is not mine or who it should be
it is the withered onlooker of the daily routine
nose to the grindstone,hammer in the pie
waiting and hoping
listening to the hum of the great buzzing social engine
this working dinosaur’s remains wont’ be worth a barrle of piss in todays market
the longer grind,the less it’s worth
bring on a meteor
make us worth something as we slowly toil and decay
for the better running engines

Danny Vermin

There’s more thought crime in my coffee than clouds or thoughts
I will have to be as horrible as the other rats in this sewer to last the day
either you get to know the other vermin down here or get the bends trying to get back to the surface wherever that is these days
it’s not bottom feeding in the middle grounds when the bigger rats are always above


Hands almost too swollen to write through an ached eye day of my own standards of heartbreak
paper cuts,sledge hammers are the same as you keep hitting the same point correctly
water will eventually wear down a rock dripping onto the precise spot
not next week or month just over enough time
everything or something will break through the hardest of surfaces
it’s all just depends on the right lighting