Reader Meet Author

There was an email from someone who found my writing on the lovely interwebs..randomly of course thats’ how most people find little old me in this dark hole painting in a cave
im fond of feedback good, bad,ridiculous or empathetic
the email was from someone who found myself to be rather troubled mentally and in spirit ,my writing made them very sad also that my point of view was of someone who has had a hard life
they suggested i seek counseling before i should write anything more from my life then seek publishing for i have so much to say to the world
it was suggested that if i wanted to have a correspondence to talk to someone outside of my situations that it might actually help me get over what has been done to me emotionally,financially and all of the above
the ending of the email was humorous in how its not fun when i write in riddles but much more enjoyable when i write stories
i was knocked back a few steps really…it was more of a helping hand than criticism which i can handle better than compliments anyway
this really is a thank you though for anyone who eyeballs any of this
theres no fixing whats’ already been unmended or sprained im walking it off
now once we have the technical abilities to stick 100$ bills in emails
ill’ buy some very good glue


Go Joe

As wee ones we were bombarded with life lessons from cartoon characters on top of the third rate television star
how we were not supposed to touch live wires
only cross at the crosswalk,leave the rabid roaving pitbull alone
wear a helmet when bike riding or when dodging the the creep with the van
i still wonder where the real lessons factor in
the streets could be on on fire
most of us would pour water on ourselves and the brown bag of leftover peace
then get on to work
knowings half the battle
money wolves are fireproof
duke and scarlett never explained that one to me

Happy Happy,Ploy Ploy

Dear Happiness,
Its been awhile since ive’ tried contacting you but recents events have sparked my quest once again …
so people where lucky enough to know you since birth but for me it seems your the loch ness monster or bigfoot i know your out there and have heard wonderful things
from those people plus i see how great you seem to be on my television..all my leads send me in wrongs paths, i ran into truth over on st. marks which hurt a bit but served no purpose
as for justice she is now deaf, blind,dumb and on someones payroll so all i got was a buisness card with fuck off on it in gorgeous scripted font
hopes voicemail says he is in the third world although he always returns my calls
i met despair in florida turns out he has been there since the black death he forgot what you looked like since he started helping our economy
in salford i caught a glimpse of you but it was just a cardboard advert, so this is the last of my written and fleeting attempts….
its not just me understand please, we are all done chasing ghosts of what we were told or taught there will be no more checking alleyways
times have changed
every backached, broken promised, down on their luck and just plain old dealt a bad hand their entire lives gave up on the lottery and is now searching you out like the king arther
tales of old except most of us have big boots to match the huge chips on our shoulders that hold that albatross up…
so you can duck me all you like as you have done so many people in the past
sure as shit if i had any money and i was a betting man one of us will find you but sure as shit it will not be pretty
for a small fee im sure we could work something out im easy to reach just ask all the scumbag debt collectors
im aware money cant’ buy you but i will take a payment plan everyone else does’ these days
Have a Wonderful Hide

Liberty?, i know her sister

Where i live i pass the staue of liberty everday, i walk out my door and there she is
its a view people dream of and frame to put over their ugly couch
she might as well be an old friend to me that ive’ known all my life
an old friend that i would cross the street or duck down an alley to avoid these days though
her promises of liberty are lined with sleepy lies and promises of hope
a beauty you have seen at the end of the bar through the bottom of those pints numerous times
we all know
there is no smile and there is no smile in there for you
only the chosen few get to know her
as kids she was the best girl
the tired wretched refuse of her teeming shore
is you
this pub is all full with only glimpses of those eyes youve’ always known
swallow down the drink and laugh at the thought
shes just another lying bitch who blends into the betrayed walls of this fucked overthrown city
until you see her again