Stella Artois Deposits

If would be smart of banks to have proper bars in them people would spend their money there and not worry about ridiculous atm fees but most importantly
people will actually go there when they were originally supposed too not blowing smoke around peoples asses.. could be a capital idea i need to sort a marketing plan for that


Go Joe

As wee ones we were bombarded with life lessons from cartoon characters on top of the third rate television star
how we were not supposed to touch live wires
only cross at the crosswalk,leave the rabid roaving pitbull alone
wear a helmet when bike riding or when dodging the the creep with the van
i still wonder where the real lessons factor in
the streets could be on on fire
most of us would pour water on ourselves and the brown bag of leftover peace
then get on to work
knowings half the battle
money wolves are fireproof
duke and scarlett never explained that one to me