We were different

We wore the shirts proving we were unique just like all the other rebels who didn’t buy the radio fodder being shot at our eardrums,learning to read the prophecy of the krylon priests
creating our own languages of color and sights of the abstract
landscaped jungle we roamed.
Now we still wear the t shirts of an age long gone with the fire in our eyes replaced by dismal greys hiding moments when the infernos in our chests could set the world aflame but now we just have the t shirts and wrinkles


To Whom It May Concern 523

The floodlights lit the street dimly,even more dim and fuzzy since I came from the pub…
After work then spending 10 hours at the relief hub only a few glasses of black foam would stitch me right,it also helped to forget everything I had seen in the past few weeks.
So making my way home a black detectives car creeped behind me as if I wouldn’t notice on abandoned disheveled streets,normally they would just tale me to wherever I landed and drive off…
This time two glorious blue and white squad cars finally decided to pinch me into a fence for some good old NYPD chat and frisk..
With a big black dong Maglite in my face
“So you coming from the bar or you down there with those shithead Occupiers?”
A little of both officer just making my way home..
“Says on your I.D here you lived over by the avenue”
I did but after at the moment I am heading to a freinds house where I am staying
“You seem to spend a lot of time on the avenue with those freaks,your a big shot eh?”
“So all you do is just give stuff to people and food,sounds like bullshit”
Well people need since well nobody else just a shit about anyone around here
“We give a shit about you sewer rats around here that’s why we watch you go from here to there..gas cans and bullshit sneaking around you don’t have a home anymore,you don’t exist..you might as well just crawl in a fucking hole because these neighborhoods don’t matter to anyone”
Are we done officer? I am going to miss my train,thank you for your caring words

Everything that had transpired in the past month went nuclear inside my chest..
I wiped the tears from my face as i got off the train into the glare of a buzzing black and gold neon sign then aimed for that beacon.The bartender gave me two pints up front on the house because of all the whispers in the bar.
My phone rang and we planned on how to feed 400 more people that weekend.

It’s just another story,


Why I #Occupy

If you have click through any of this worded mess these topics are not at all new to me but giving interviews and the questions never hammer home the nails I am trying to convey
it leaves the interviewer dumbfounded asking more questions off the record and buying me coffee and at least that’s been my experience on the ground in Liberty Square or at a direct action….
Everyone has the why I Occupy story
in reality most people have had the Occupy life
they were hit with the grave fact that the powers that be plus the odds were not in their favor,the tables are rigged and if you can prove me wrong I can sell you a bridge whilst you buy me a pint
My story is told throughout these pages of mumbled tags,drunken ramblings and dreaded tales of lost working love
I’ll give the answer that almost everyone has asked me since setting foot near the park

Q;So where do you see yourself in 5 to 7 years?

A;Can I answer that in concrete on the record ?
I get a nod of yes…so I light a smoke and watch the eyes glare as I begin to speak

A;In all honesty..I will be no longer on this earth..yes dead
I’ve watched good men work their whole lives
my grandfather came here and built these bridges and tunnels with my uncles
my father worked on cars and then another trade til they threw him away
I work next to men who gave 40 years of their life to companies only to be asked to work more
as for myself I work two jobs for the equivalent of a bowel of soup
this is not a life for anyone,this is not life
the work will kill me or I will eventually take my own life before these companies do
-They stare in amazement-
Standing by and watching the next generation of young adults and little kids go uneducated and thrown into a system designed to eat them alive is condoning it…they need a future
-They stand jaw opened-
I am exactly where this system wants me,in debt beyond repair but still producing capitol for them
I have no future
but I will be damned if I watch another generation fall in line and be fed to this machine
no one should go quietly in the night,people have the ability and this is now
if not for the people they came from but for the children who are coming…


Q;You really only work for xxxxxxxx? No college?
Q;You want a coffee?

I stand with Occupy and anyone making stand just for the free coffee

Reader Meet Author Again

I was asked recently if I ever write anything that is pretty and again criticized for not writing enough and why I don’t add any more fuel to the fire that is Occupy Wall Street which I do agree with sadly
On an average day beautiful things do pass through my brain and pass my eye
I can put words to 400 different things through the course of a 24 hour period
even the people who said this are the epitome of beauty to me
the words commit themselves as they will and as they land together
Was I born melancholy?
Could I use therapy?
Which came first the world,the love,the angst or the view were I align true north?
the answer is D everything and nothing all rolled in a coffee and a smoke
I still do not answer the emails asking if I would like to chat to someone about my my half empty syndrome, so that is a straight answer at least
All of us have carried torch of Zuccoti Park our whole lives it just took this long for it to get carried around proudly in the open air
or I could but flat out batshit crazy but that’s a whole other horse of a different set of colored questions