Sweet Dreams Frankie Angel

Wipe the crust from your eyes,raise your head from the pillow
The harps do not play a hymn of sleep to keep you in comfort any longer
The dance of human dreams have changed tempo
Drums now play the battle march
In the distance
Across the oceans
On the front lawn
You’ll hear them soon enough
You were given slumber long enough under a beautiful masked tune for a dollar full of sky miles
You can’t sleep here anymore


famous blue insomniac

its four in the morning at the end of december
ny is cold i like where im living
im not leonard cohen
can outrun most nights reruns in the first quarter mile that is
into those wee hours counting smokes down
since there isnt’ another pack coming
it will always win when a dreary finish lined morning creeps around the block
head in a knot when it should be in a nod
heart beating on an old sleeve somewhere most likely with a stain next to it
well getting a beating
its a mess either way its looked at
late or early
distantly awake or close to sleep
from a fragmented fucking picasso iris


Ive’ prayed to St. Anthony to find me some sleep in between the diffrent views
winning prize fighter and the guy on the canvas
no matter the seat or the punch ringing to the temple
you can very well see whats coming
unless its a rabbit punch then thats just a pain in the balls

Archer ave.

If sleep were a boxer he would the champion of the world ducking me for a title fight this past week or so most likely longer…he is training with  mr. sandman as we speak but i still cannot seem to get him in the ring to just knock me out already
im ready to take the fucking dive and payoff already, an hour an a half of sleep just doesnt’ cut it anymore
certainly passed events only make it worse keeping the hamsters wheel in this old brain of mine rolling along twisting the knots in the stomach …sleeping pills laugh in my face whilst the television flickers away with reruns that only remind of the pillow that now isnt’ under my head
and a blanket that isnt’ pulled off me anymore with soft murmured nonsense words
so hey sleep fuck you cunt
you will run into me eventually
your overrated even though i love your work but your slacking these days
ive’ already beaten the tooth fairy so what makes you think you can hide forever?
the pigeons in the coop like Brando
a contender
again its’my not my night someone should just let me know the fix is in with the money on Wilson
some people think the crucifixion only took place on calvary well they better wise up
What kind of saint hides in a church?
You know
ive’ seen you a lot of times before remember parochial school out on Paluski Street? seven, eight years ago
so yes sleep i am picking a fight just get used to it already
i promise to to stay down in the first round,scouts honor for the knockout
coffee break is over lets get to it already