To Whom it May Concern 222

To Whom it May Concern,
If you live in this once great city you have seen the covers of all the papers..the news and heard every opinion there is to be heard about someone who is highly valued to us rotten apple dwellers
i say his name with the balls and reverence so drumroll please-Derek Jeter
love him or hate him there is no way around saying the man is good whether its baseball ,charity work or just standing there smiling he has brought hope and what little pride there was left to stiffen up a bending citys’ backbone lets’ face he could run for mayor in any city and most likely win except in Boston
he is the every man who as worked hard to get to the admiration of his peers as well as a city who pretty much hates every human being walking next to him
so lets talk about whats’ been on most peoples minds these days with Sir Derek..yes the contract..
everyone knows the accomplishments of this man in pinstripes for over the last decade i dont’ have to tell anyone its’ very well understand what he has brought to the franchise known as the Yankees
at the end of the day business is business
so this revered human being was he offered too little for his work,time,efforts or his age?
all the times he came through when you needed him to come up big ,when the shoulders needed to be big and strong to carry that last few ounces of weight that no one else could bear?
everyone around here is arguing for him..he deserved more ,even men in suits who had there hands in the sacking of 38 year company man, 150 employees and estimating on this friday about 300 more right before our lovely holiday season,maybe the captain got a bad deal either way i hope he doesnt’ lose his house or that lovely fiancee
let me know if you hear anything
as always,


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