To Whom It May C-oncern 45

To whom it may concern,
I know its’ been a long time gone and many words have been said but i can truthfully say these few things on one knee with my boots to the ground
through all this chaos,hell and wreckage theres’ only been one constant thing that has made me happy
those eyes,those big eyes that have melted me since first glance before even saying two words in my direction asking me if i had a light then nervously sitting away as if you were getting too close to a roped off police scene that you shouldnt’ even have noticed in the first place
ive’ known it when i was told i was never allowed to speak to you
being the guy i am i just had to know what else was behind that painting
i had to know that smile ,i had to get to that smile in my direction just to shine that light on me
that is what has gotten me through my time in purgatory
those brief moments
the short talks
the long distance talks that felt as if they were through tin can phones
ive’ fought myself into believing my road was nearing its end
low and behold it was all those wonderful things i kept in the worn jean pocket of my brain
that has defended me from myself
all these simple and glorious things
its led me back to where i wanted to be
exactly where i never should have left
eye to eye with your darling face
it has been you this whole time
if you will have me
i will never leave again


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