To Whom it may Concern 45

To whom it may concern ,
i will forewarn you this may go off on a tangent as i climb onto this huge soapbox that
ive’ piece together with cheap glue ,the typical new york story of the aching back and long sleeves for the carrying
of the heart aim isnt’ a lee harvey oswald at anyone but a firehose aimed at anyone who will care to hear normally
a letters of this nature is for one person so if you wish to take it personal be my guest it might actually make more sense then…
this is an idea thats been circling the orbit of my brain since i was just the wee bastard in school being taught by people who were not fit to anyone
anything about life or what was even written in the outdated text book
so now that im a bigger bastard who has been around the block ,roamed these gritty allyways,kicked out of coutries and all without a trust fund
my lovely idea has crawled up from the depths of my grey matter
everyday i see dire faces, tired backs,people losing their homes as well as their minds,telephone calls from creditors and banks
job loss,workforce cutbacks if you can name it i see it on an everyday basis just for the simple fact im one of these people who is more or less
being told by the world that im not needed anymore just like outdated software the working man is obsolete piece of scrap metal that is no longer needed
in the social infrastructure be it in the suit in tie or the dirty work pants
welcome to the gentrification of the human condition and spirit…
so since most of us are so unimportant to the bailout caste system
everyone who has had enough just simply as a collective call out well from whatever workplace you despise on one day out of a year
pick a day where everyone phones up the boss and calls off work for the day for whichever reason you choose even if its to just sit on the couch and watch mindless daft televison
the file clerk,the dig digger,pill pusher, the fry cook, the guy who tries to wash your windshield at the intersection
it was a childs’ idea that ive’ recalled from my angry inner childs’ hands that when added todays state of things it is a captal idea of sorts
so imagine x amount of the disgruntled public everywhere all not being in work all on the same day
im not suggesting all meeting up for drinks or holding hands and singing around the campfire
i fathom since most of this country is unimportant to their respected jobs we wont all be missed no?
who will make your triple espresso xanax soy latte?
who will pump the gas in new jersey?
who will hand out the tanning oil before you go into the oompa machine?
who will try to teach your spoiled children while you do the neighbors teenage kid?
who will make billion dollar blunders on the trading wall street floor?
whos’ going to sell the blow to the guy who makes that billion dollar blunder?
who will make sure your phone/internet is working so you can update your facebook status?
and all the douchebag collections agents will go work so as an added bonus we can all hang up on them ….

it would be just a small reminder that without people your nothing (thank you mr.strummer)

Death or Glory,


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