Liberty?, i know her sister

Where i live i pass the staue of liberty everday, i walk out my door and there she is
its a view people dream of and frame to put over their ugly couch
she might as well be an old friend to me that ive’ known all my life
an old friend that i would cross the street or duck down an alley to avoid these days though
her promises of liberty are lined with sleepy lies and promises of hope
a beauty you have seen at the end of the bar through the bottom of those pints numerous times
we all know
there is no smile and there is no smile in there for you
only the chosen few get to know her
as kids she was the best girl
the tired wretched refuse of her teeming shore
is you
this pub is all full with only glimpses of those eyes youve’ always known
swallow down the drink and laugh at the thought
shes just another lying bitch who blends into the betrayed walls of this fucked overthrown city
until you see her again


Prescription For a Happy Day

After a few recent events once again i have come to the conclusion that i am an envious person…
I envy stupid,clueless and senseless people
they have no burdens
and live without care just in the utter simplicity of their own stupidity
im sorry or a quiet oh i didnt’ know can get them off of a murder charge
i want to be these people
the mirror wouldnt’ haunt me about reality when i looked into it
a good nights sleep would come along with ease
i would float down the street on my silver lined cloud because i just wouldnt’ know any
it would be someone elses’ troubles
all the worries would be sorted
it will all work out
the world wouldnt’ be so bad
id’ be too daft to notice anyway
this can be the new drug called FUCKALL
we can all take it
watch the world fall to shit
not even noticing