Realty in Oz

I know these streets all too well the feet do all the work while they eyes go astray downward only moving up to cross so the mouth doesnt’ have to speak to anyone
wandering brain not in remembrance of better days or the so called happy times
looking for the multiple choice answers to the same age old questions
the picks all point to the einstein version of crazy a-z
the wrong sidestreets
incorrect sequence of letter answers
the pie chart was eaten by a roving band of carnival knife throwing pit bulls
all the above does not apply to the given scenarios for the given individual?
too much trust matching many blurry nights of clearer than sober thought?
theres’ no redemption in sidewalk makeup tests
time outs
do overs
its all irrelevant
show me the grade for happiness
sell me my freedom
point me to the road that leads to the emerald city with dorothy clicking those smoking red heels for everyone
get me to the big golden doors
i will make friends with the drunk midget gardeners plotting to open a foreclosed townhouse dropping business


Happy Happy,Ploy Ploy

Dear Happiness,
Its been awhile since ive’ tried contacting you but recents events have sparked my quest once again …
so people where lucky enough to know you since birth but for me it seems your the loch ness monster or bigfoot i know your out there and have heard wonderful things
from those people plus i see how great you seem to be on my television..all my leads send me in wrongs paths, i ran into truth over on st. marks which hurt a bit but served no purpose
as for justice she is now deaf, blind,dumb and on someones payroll so all i got was a buisness card with fuck off on it in gorgeous scripted font
hopes voicemail says he is in the third world although he always returns my calls
i met despair in florida turns out he has been there since the black death he forgot what you looked like since he started helping our economy
in salford i caught a glimpse of you but it was just a cardboard advert, so this is the last of my written and fleeting attempts….
its not just me understand please, we are all done chasing ghosts of what we were told or taught there will be no more checking alleyways
times have changed
every backached, broken promised, down on their luck and just plain old dealt a bad hand their entire lives gave up on the lottery and is now searching you out like the king arther
tales of old except most of us have big boots to match the huge chips on our shoulders that hold that albatross up…
so you can duck me all you like as you have done so many people in the past
sure as shit if i had any money and i was a betting man one of us will find you but sure as shit it will not be pretty
for a small fee im sure we could work something out im easy to reach just ask all the scumbag debt collectors
im aware money cant’ buy you but i will take a payment plan everyone else does’ these days
Have a Wonderful Hide