And they shuffled him to the back of the 6th year classroom where they kept the bathrooms and coats were kept.
the students could not see me only the teacher when she walked side to side or to come quell
what I was speaking loud to answer proper of the topic.
Unseen and unheard was the student but he could hear enough of the teachers coarse voice of theology.
3 years in the back of the class
Absorbing Yeats,Whitman,Bukowski and Kafka like a sponge
Learning more from St.Joe Strummer Jello,Bob Mould and D,Boone as so called education was being fed to me through a veil of incompetence
Reading heavy theology for answers with Black Flag hiding in his ear
Gestas and Dismas were crucified next to the big JC but it was My War that was bouncing around his brain
Suspended from school for reading Dr Strangelove and the Torah
KRS One teaching in the walkmen with Woody Guthrie
just one of many kids raised to see the writing on the wall as it happens
the prophets of the folk gospel sang it loud so the
punks knew it then and now as they see it unfold now worse than any outdated lyrics book
just change the names
history is ours set to the beat of the human heart hungry for the love of fairness
your own history is as important as any because it is yours

He learned more from the truthful raw guitar than in any school

And punk rock saved his life


We were different

We wore the shirts proving we were unique just like all the other rebels who didn’t buy the radio fodder being shot at our eardrums,learning to read the prophecy of the krylon priests
creating our own languages of color and sights of the abstract
landscaped jungle we roamed.
Now we still wear the t shirts of an age long gone with the fire in our eyes replaced by dismal greys hiding moments when the infernos in our chests could set the world aflame but now we just have the t shirts and wrinkles

To Whom it May Concern 521

To Whom it May Concern,
In my neighborhood one of the first things we were ever taught/told before we were old enough to leave the house and scrape our knees was the lesson,”Don’t ever forget where you came from”. Now that does not mean where you live but exactly what it is translates too..
Sure the process of being human is evolving into a better person on a daily basis by self learning,experiences and life itself.I hate the term “Us and Them” since I have no “Them” to denote an enemy or worthy adversary on my level which in this case I see none.
This is not were I scream sell out,poser or anything in that area.
I blame an amnesia of the spirit,your head was hit with a credit score
the house,the boat,the shoe and promises of that lovely hotel on Park Place.
You were a firecracker kid with dreams of helping your neighborhood and friends…
now all you have is a perch on a high horse to look down on all these people you used to be.
By all means progress,grow up and better yourself.
But by no means think that lying to yourself makes you better than the next human being.
The magic mirror will fail you as well as this system you embraced,your only as good as until they fucking need to throw you away
Your boat is the same as ours,money runs out
Then who will you come back too?
The same people you ridiculed and spit upon?
You used to sing Joe Strummer,now your Jaguar is being hauled away
Shine your boots
You know who you are

One Step Behind

I traveled far to find a place called home; all I found was broken past and some broken bones.
I left it far behind, although I wish that I had another chance to try.
Because I might just die a lonely man and be left in the dark.
I can see it all now; I’m gonna fuck up again.
One step behind.
I traveled far to find a place alone, but i realized what I want I can’t find on my own.
It’s not what I really want, although I convinced myself there was nothing past my eye.
And I could never find happiness in this world full of pain.
I can see it all now; I’m gonna fuck up again.
I’m incredulous to think I’ll ever be satisfied with my life.
When I think I just might scrape by.
Then I start to regret every sea I chose to sail.
Maybe I’ll be a rich man, maybe end up in jail.
I’m not supposed to cry, although I can’t help but wonder why we’ll never get to try.
Because I might just die a sheltered man, as I walk through the dark.
I can see it all now; I’m gonna fuck up again.

One step behind.

The Briggs

Gentrification:Grizzly Smith


my neighborhood is no longer mine. the property value increased so now there gonna tear up each house and every tree.
all these things sing sacred to me.
turn the block to developments and strip our history bare.
i watch the masses celebrate gentrification. they’ll build cookie cutter houses and human bee hives across the nation.
why cant we stand up to this? set the developers house alight.
gasoline and matches spread across his lawn in the dead of the night.
its a light hearted prank compared to the damage that hes done.
set the developers house alight before he builds another one.
i cant respect the living that hes made. preying on our livelyhood and goals that we’ve achieved. saved the history of our town so the rich could tear it down. maybe if we bring back the crime rate developers will leave. watch the masses celebrate the decline in street thugs and corner hustle. i’d rather local crooks than corprate contracts and corprate muscle.
why cant we stand up to this? set the developers house alight. gasoline and matches spread across his lawn in the dead of the night. its one way for us to vent and you know we’ll have some fun. set the developers house alight before he builds another one.
so when your not making the rent, heres a song to explain why you cant. just pack your shit and hit the road cause your not wanted here…..

Im fortunate enough to these guys they have more heart than an elephant, more powerful than a locomotive and can drink you under the table