Reader Meet Author Again

I was asked recently if I ever write anything that is pretty and again criticized for not writing enough and why I don’t add any more fuel to the fire that is Occupy Wall Street which I do agree with sadly
On an average day beautiful things do pass through my brain and pass my eye
I can put words to 400 different things through the course of a 24 hour period
even the people who said this are the epitome of beauty to me
the words commit themselves as they will and as they land together
Was I born melancholy?
Could I use therapy?
Which came first the world,the love,the angst or the view were I align true north?
the answer is D everything and nothing all rolled in a coffee and a smoke
I still do not answer the emails asking if I would like to chat to someone about my my half empty syndrome, so that is a straight answer at least
All of us have carried torch of Zuccoti Park our whole lives it just took this long for it to get carried around proudly in the open air
or I could but flat out batshit crazy but that’s a whole other horse of a different set of colored questions


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