And they shuffled him to the back of the 6th year classroom where they kept the bathrooms and coats were kept.
the students could not see me only the teacher when she walked side to side or to come quell
what I was speaking loud to answer proper of the topic.
Unseen and unheard was the student but he could hear enough of the teachers coarse voice of theology.
3 years in the back of the class
Absorbing Yeats,Whitman,Bukowski and Kafka like a sponge
Learning more from St.Joe Strummer Jello,Bob Mould and D,Boone as so called education was being fed to me through a veil of incompetence
Reading heavy theology for answers with Black Flag hiding in his ear
Gestas and Dismas were crucified next to the big JC but it was My War that was bouncing around his brain
Suspended from school for reading Dr Strangelove and the Torah
KRS One teaching in the walkmen with Woody Guthrie
just one of many kids raised to see the writing on the wall as it happens
the prophets of the folk gospel sang it loud so the
punks knew it then and now as they see it unfold now worse than any outdated lyrics book
just change the names
history is ours set to the beat of the human heart hungry for the love of fairness
your own history is as important as any because it is yours

He learned more from the truthful raw guitar than in any school

And punk rock saved his life


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