Reader Meet Author

There was an email from someone who found my writing on the lovely interwebs..randomly of course thats’ how most people find little old me in this dark hole painting in a cave
im fond of feedback good, bad,ridiculous or empathetic
the email was from someone who found myself to be rather troubled mentally and in spirit ,my writing made them very sad also that my point of view was of someone who has had a hard life
they suggested i seek counseling before i should write anything more from my life then seek publishing for i have so much to say to the world
it was suggested that if i wanted to have a correspondence to talk to someone outside of my situations that it might actually help me get over what has been done to me emotionally,financially and all of the above
the ending of the email was humorous in how its not fun when i write in riddles but much more enjoyable when i write stories
i was knocked back a few steps really…it was more of a helping hand than criticism which i can handle better than compliments anyway
this really is a thank you though for anyone who eyeballs any of this
theres no fixing whats’ already been unmended or sprained im walking it off
now once we have the technical abilities to stick 100$ bills in emails
ill’ buy some very good glue


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