Once again Jeff the god ipods has given up the ghost forsaking me to a diffrent urban sprawl soundtrack making room for the new
upgraded transportation deity…Burgher goddess of Iphonia and gentrifiction
mobile phones ringing at the six in the morning bus til the rush hour of most peoples days end
from subway platform
bus stop
bus ride
supermaket line
her tune buzzsaws
Robert Johnson would go back to the crossroads to write these blues tunes
diffrent ringtones in the same unison of malice grooved answers
i cant’ pay you this week, what? i just paid you
how much? late fees?
my kids dont even have heat and you want next months rent up front?
collections? who? goodbye
i want to travel these streets with a harmonica to play along with it all i hear and see
so you can download the tracks of the new i-life
wait my phones ringing too


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