Salty air is a constant reminder of twirling coin toss that haunts of other outcomes and storyline where the known hero perishes passing along through the tales that everyone has on the beach
being overtaken by horrid tides of cars and rubbish sucked out into the skin of the abyss of the sea presumed missing whilst all the while struggling to stay sane repeating over and over a narrative that life went on into
daily life of the aftermath and all health effects in between trying with utmost balls to save everyone he could
as he did all along
with invention of said reality births the grinding days of corporate sodomy including the gimp suit and it’s a job mentality festering off to the side as he pains himself through sickness
fucking cowardly staying afloat with all the jellyfish,seaweed and krill like a suited shill would
would it better to have drowned in the initial tidal surge being johhny flash getting a statue of him put somewhere for neoyuppies can walk their puggles?
or is this all the aftermath


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