To Whom it May ConcernF17

To whom who will read this,

I will start this by saying good bye to old friends who have chosen a bigger route for themselves even if it means giving up to later realise they were correct the first time ..but for us it’s important that we remember this is not year zero but much later in the years. Among us we learned from each others talents and how big the hearts are in these circles we roam. Yes the work is not done nor our struggles to be who we are yelling, ‘Not on my fucking shift shitheads.” for years now. It is not in vain nor was it ever even though were surrounded by more bold enemies we need to look behind ourselves to see what we originally wanted..the average person wants to learn. A new generation is worried about their own futures knowing that if they don’t stand now they will be kneeling. They are watching it crumble the way we said it would but these tumbling walls are falling faster than we could predict. All of our own wins and accomplishments says loads of what is happening as I type this.. Now it’s time to help the newbies with what we learned the hard way. Diversity of tactics,speaking truth to power and asserting the fairness of what a democracy should be. We can teach patience, compassion ,the logic of listening to themselves as well as allies ideas, and when to make fists . We are almost what’s left of the old guard entrusted to help the fighters of this generation learn from our mistakes. It is the same fight except there has more legislation against any dissen.We have been here,never left the front but tactics have to evolve autonomously or in small circles. This can be done as batshit as I sound,we’ve done tons together now imagine all the new folks into would be something to behold .



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