To whom it may concern #543 but not really

To whom it may concern,

    My accent says otherwise but I’m a New Yorker in heart and soul. September brings memories back to the light for all us and for some the feelings just become heavier. Every year the WTC is repackaged and sold back to the world as a reminder of unfathomable tragedy. There might as well be greeting cards and, “Happy Loss of Life and Liberty Day “.I say this because I knew great human beings who lost their lives and what has been done in their name also NYC ‘s name has become the Frankenstein for every countries national security. The story of the planes are insulting enough but from there society accepted this post 9/11 world without any question.
The valiant men I knew would not have been so easily talked into 3 men with box cutters or the new rules that have been set into motion by these events. Lives were lost in my beautiful city along with liberty, privacy and basic civil rights.. all murdered. Everything done after that day has flowered into endless war
a dumb scared shitless society that will suck up anything for “national security”
not one so called terrorist caught under any new laws on American soil
human rights violations
Geneva convention went out the window
Sure as shit I can list and label atrocities mixed in with tin foil theories of that day til a stout woman sings…but I’ll simply sum it up in one angry sentence.
Orwell and Philip K Dick weep the fucking hardest.


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