Say Cheese

We went for drinks mid afternoon at a usual hideout after one of her photography sessions
only she never put her camera away behind the familiar bright accent
the jukebox played away whilst knocking down pints,we hummed along as conversations twisted and convoluted into obnoxious laughs added to the two finger sign not for peace but bring two more pints of liquid art to the two maniacs on the end and add them to the pile of fast pass discussion glasses for it’s been a while and we have many important matters to speak on such as how to trick people into letting Monty Python’s god be stained window art in their chosen prayer domiciles
And all the drink flew away with the train cars of lost words into the evening street
Now being the quick artistic type,the camera was snapping the whole time as the mouth marathon went on and on
I fell right into the boat with my dear old shark mouth chomping with her Tipperary bit
We were only friends or just older souls who knew too much about nothing and the entire universe
the stills of my own face mid sentence,gesturing and laughing twists the uncomfortable nerve
for the life of me I can not tell you what type of dribbling nonsense I was on about as the sneaky camera caught it as the honesty ran away with the sincerity down to Ave.A and caught a cab
the mirror only answers to holder
and a camera catches the smallest angles of ourselves that only we know are true


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