To Who it May Concern #229

To Whom it may or may even stumble into your yard,

So I laughed as butter knife would at the universe again as it glanced over with the look you give a snidey little fuck as he flips you the bird,I was not going to listen to anything that had to be
or coarsely thrown in my direction
“We can not keep this affair going on much longer,it’s unhealthy for me mentally and taking it’s toll on my body”
Universe gazed at clouds and pretended I was speaking nonsense when in fact it was was proper gibberish of the
highest extent that I am well known for
“It’s a stalemate as of now and you can keep your relationship status as batshit complicated,I promise not to speak on it or you poorly..clearly you will win in the end.”
Orion’s belt lit up with the hope in her cosmos eyes knowing this was a soiid truth
“May brain runs rampant through you on a constant basis that we both know I can not shut off the revolving door of word riddled thought and I thank you for letting me to continue to do that”

That guy again


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