To Whom It May Concern 109

To whom it may concern,
                It has been a pretty long year by most standards.. as you can guess since you are reading this the universe has decided to let stay a bit longer,she has a funny way like that.This time last year the streets were filling salt water,people were running for their lives,electric boxes were exploding everywhere…very third world through the streets of NYC neighborhoods.This year families will be lining the coastline with candles in celebration for themselves and their neighbors.The lights on the shore are a testament to what was and what is now daily life of the average family in these neighborhoods,they will stand together because of the lessons learned..all that is left is us.
This city abandoned it’s own people when the water rushed in and when help was needed most this awakened many people to a very ugly fact…the greatest city in the world gives not one fuck for it’s citizens unless they can profit off of you.
Neighbors helped each other rebuild homes and bonds that were forgotten about,selfless people came from everywhere to fight..and after a year,yes a full year later people are still coming to the trenches to battle.
This story is my story wrapped in the storyline of every family along these shores.
I am just a word in the long book of toil people have come to know.
New and old friends who are still here,I am the one honored to know and work with them..the others can pretend I died in the waters..
My neighbors gave me an award last weekend for saving her families life,I saved other peoples lives and they never knew my name which I am more comfortable with..back into the shadows I’ll go.
thanks,solidarity and love to everyone who gave their time,kind words,inspiration,mutual aid and themselves..
these stories are far from over and battles are far from remotely won
Just ask,I will be there
Tá sé ar fad an troid céanna, suas na reibiliúnaithe,



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