Did We Lose 1000 People?

Frankie Valli echoed off the the the ancient buildings and streets as we stormed through this great city
we sang
smiling from ear to ear with the cold November day’s light fading in between cracks of the countless people
it was just too good to be true,we couldn’t take our eyes off our nameless few just too many others looking to punch
they wanted to incite it so much
The Avenue of the Americas belonged to us whom were soldiers of the worded spirits of what made this place so free
Her glowing smile hidden behind the camera capturing
the new history unfolding
blacktop turns to brick once walked by great men who brought and fought for these romantic notions 
their statues line the metropolis we are treading
where our names will never be engraved unless the man to my right paints them
hoarse voices sing and yell in a loose battle cry for their children’s future
I can only absorb the warm aura
walking in awe
of the street static choir angelic song
I prayed to the sky as a little bastard does that one day I could shake these skyscrapers of Babylon
the unpopular B-side that crumbled and crushed the walls hiding the beauty we were not allowed to see
a begotten tune for the soon to be forgotten lot of us
we all know the have not lyrics and the melody that is beginning to be hummed now daily
the street lights now shining a glow off his glasses as he stared at the thousands in front of us
he confirmed the truth that could not be avoided
truth from the gut of our child selves
he turned and said
“The punks had it right this whole time”


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