Good Dogs Have Two Days

No matter where I was,the one thing that was a constant was my pug
They would put me on a speaker phone and he would bark wildly at the sound of my voice
He would wait by the door even I was not coming back for a long time
The runt of the litter,I fell in love instantly as he fell asleep instantly in my arms
a pitbull once jumped the gate,they both came out with four stitches and I got the nurses phone number
14 years he lived up to his full name of Corchran Murphy’s Law
The veterinarian was amazed of how quick the dog sprung up when he heard me say
Dia duit mo friend
All drugged up beyond the pain he almost jumped out of the blankets
I talked freely to my old sidekick,the doctor could think I was insane
after all he was the one who had to use the needle in this situation
not me
The conversation was brief,he laid down quietly without any hesitation
he was tired
the drinks were empty
the bar tab was paid
it was closing time


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