Dinosaurs watching the traffic from the corner of Madison ave.
their brothers and sisters running through the engines of life engulfing machines
the natural order of a lovely swirling mudball for the generations left staring at a star in the sky and kneeling at the altar of saintly stars on the airwaves
we were here before any industry
we greased the cogs and placed them for a future
A T-rex with such little arms was never meant to cling to the planet no less any sort of
the Isocalledlife
slow tedious suicide as the cars go by
red light
time to walk away
into the other direction away from it all
a living fossil
forgetting a planet that only supports you
there is more of a need for a Brontosaurus on 5th ave than you buying coffee
a Raptor in every office
the friendly Meglodon at the water cooler


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