For about 15 years I have been wearing the same necklace,an NYC subway token on a silver ball chain that is pretty common in hardware stores and ceiling fans,by no means is it special but it seems to attract is just an old story from a blurred drunken train ride that I took to heart and carried it.
For the non-rotten apple dweller we used to have tokens to ride the subways,they have various forms over the years plus with technology and lovely fare hikes they were phased so the MTA can gold plate them and shill them for a pretty penny.
So yeah that…late one evening on the way home from a night of loud music and almost underage drink on the lower east side,we stumbled to the train.
After minutes of holding this awesome girl up on the platform she darts to the concrete almost losing her balance and falling over trying to pick up this old subway token…
She was gorgeous,she still is amazing..she could fall over somewhere right now in this city and 20 men would help her up as she laughed in their face..
Two young punk drunks were common place so nobody really cared as she took her shoes off practically making camp all comfortable against the steel underground pylon..I help her on the train as were almost falling asleep and from nowhere from her lips a speech began to brew about this token she had found and me in relation.
I was handed the token and told,”Your going to be something big one day,to the world to someone,go places and be something really really big so keep playing and writing,trust me”
Drunk night ends and I found the old token laying in my broken in garbage leather chain wallet,I remembered her speech with a eureka moment..drilled a hole in it and it has been on my neck in one incarnation or another ever since.
Was it the speech?
Not at all,it still is her style of utter bullshit as always but it sounded pretty good at the moment..
It was a night in this city that for once I did actually want to be something more than a bunch of insane rambling words traveling underground or the bastard i knew I was going to be
at least the necklace part worked out well


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