And You Will Know it Was Us From the Trail of 9 Characters

Our political arenas were the park benches and alleyways of every NYC borough,we ran with the league of nations,people of every color,creed,religion and background.
I don’t think we were missing one seat for a time unless you came from the country of ignorant rich asshole kids but we even had a few of those.
Our news media were trains and the walls everywhere for the eye to see.
This is not nostalgia,this is how it was and how it is forthcoming
call it a full circle,call it a full revolution.
We all knew the American dream was a sham then
it just was not known how quick the rest of the sleepers would take
or if it would look like it does now
Some of us had guitars and notebooks.
Some used baseball bats to make their point
We all had many styles in the same school but we were too young
and one big cat had more verses than Dante’s Inferno
If your lucky you’ll catch some freestyle napalm
In the land of the blind our third eyes is king

Based on a true story as always

This is the original comrade


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