She asks if “Do you ever write anything pretty?” and I play coy because it is all relevant
if I wrote of her she would not read it,she would miss the hints
I am long forgotten by the time these words are even noticed
all toys and novelties are eventually outgrown
the clown
the teddy bar with the scars
Everything i see is beauty even if it is not painted as such,life is not a paint by number nor does it obey the lines in the coloring book
as does you and me
it needs to get outside the lines
just like she does
Her beauty is beyond anything i could turn into a phrase that is just selling it short
the gutter bastard and princess sounds all well and good
Disney ain’t buying it
I say fuck and cunt way too much for it to be marketed too the soul dried masses of the world
Her beauty doesn’t belong in my line of sight
but it does make for a good story


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