The Whistle Blowing Driving Me Insane

The reflection in the filthy subway window is one I have been trying to ignore since before this war
I dismissed it since birth,since told the history of the troubles
running away to the land of our grandfathers only to have it
through me
waving me away
guiding me back like the dog star
to a mirror of a city of where I first refused to accept the lot I was given
my secret conversations with love have now changed to secret meetings in lonely rooms
she will never be in this train car with me,she is long gone
everything I ever fought against
wears me like my fathers old work pants that I have on
I knew it would come to this
and they told when I was a child it would be this way
the five year old learning the politics understood it
the bastard fuck looking back at me
doesn’t have to accept it


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