No clouds.. 76 degrees

Faded American flags are replaced this time of year as if they were rehanging Christmas lights from the year before,dusting off the patriotic routine taken down from the attic of this country’s memory….
That clear morning has become a mockery
It is not my patriotic duty to succumb to the force fed talk of heroes,terrorists and war
Those men and women who ran into those buildings knew nothing nor cared about conspiracy theories that morning..they ran in as New Yorkers
I refuse to cheapen this city and those people by draping it in a flag of political agendas,lies and news programs that play out the same way a greeting card is read
If this is the only way the rest of this country can revisit or identify with these events,
Fuck them and their pick up trucks that had stars and stripes outfitted on September 12th
It is a dishonor to this city,these people and the soldiers put on the front lines of a war that they themselves do not even know why they are fighting
Tourists point to the empty skyline holding maps of where majestic steel once stood,never in the right spot taking pictures of the wrong hole in the skyline on their way to Century 21
I correct them because it never goes away
We,New Yorkers know where we were that morning without being reminded
Yes,we are still angry
We had no need for any symbols or flags waved then and we don’t need them now
Give me answers and truth
Not annual ceremonies


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