Xmas Wrapping

Not that long ago in a holiday season not that far away there was myself in a hospital bed lying there
under surveillance by chuck norris the nurse, who insisted i be cuffed to the bed since the straps were
not holding me plus i removed all my hook ups and went for a smoke with a very cute nurse at 4a.m.
so now im guessing you would want a back story
i will give the short of it as always since im’ not proud but to me it is much like the time i convinced
someone a guy in new orleans that i was going to sacrifice a goat at midnight for new years to the pagan
god of redheads..it happened comical or not
after the usual row in work in which i told my boss/friend to basically go choke
i hit the cold december street in a more fierce bad way even for myself,dropped 20 bucks for beer
headed back to my coffin apartment and started to clean it top to bottom
random songs became songs on repeat
numb and content
pulling the bottle of klonopin that i had stashed a day or two beforehand they became the cheerful pill
shot to go with cheap beer coma that was setting in
i went through the routine as would most people,i buzzed my hair in the normal way made plans to have a
few with my upstairs friend
out comes the other friendly bottle of melatonin to shake hands with the other pills
from the long hot bath fresh and clean
over the counter pain relief sleeping aid joins the game
this whole while avoiding my roommates knocking back beers since i had a fridge full
i stumbled to the next building to see a my friend now ingesting hand fulls of the chex mix of pills i had
in my pocket
my normal drunken self show up at his door with my normal drunken popeye look except during our
conversation and beer i was inhaling good chunks from hip pocket pharmacy
the even blackness started with show up as they caught on to my scheme
i knew it was time to go home
i fell up the hill and stairs to my place
the feeling i remember well with who and what that crossed my mind
looking in the mirror,was this a way to solve anything?
no its’ just a story
my suggestion


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