Realty in Oz

I know these streets all too well the feet do all the work while they eyes go astray downward only moving up to cross so the mouth doesnt’ have to speak to anyone
wandering brain not in remembrance of better days or the so called happy times
looking for the multiple choice answers to the same age old questions
the picks all point to the einstein version of crazy a-z
the wrong sidestreets
incorrect sequence of letter answers
the pie chart was eaten by a roving band of carnival knife throwing pit bulls
all the above does not apply to the given scenarios for the given individual?
too much trust matching many blurry nights of clearer than sober thought?
theres’ no redemption in sidewalk makeup tests
time outs
do overs
its all irrelevant
show me the grade for happiness
sell me my freedom
point me to the road that leads to the emerald city with dorothy clicking those smoking red heels for everyone
get me to the big golden doors
i will make friends with the drunk midget gardeners plotting to open a foreclosed townhouse dropping business


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