Lost in the Supermarket..without James Brown

In my travels i found myself living a part of Florida that might as well be called Old Moneyville on a map its called North Palm Beach…..
so being the antitrust fund baby that i am i went to work in a lovely supermarket that i will keep nameless due to the fact that half a brain can land the name of the it
since there is one every 150 feet also they pay people to scour the interwebs and harass anyone who slanders them but this is true story sadly enough so i will waffle on
fast forward to little old me working there for quite some time,not falling in line and not drinking the kool aid
i was sent one morning to bail out another few workers since of course im’ the hired gun mopping up the job most of the lot could not handle in the first place
but stick with me this is where my whole point meshes together
so after close to forty five minutes of muzak and silence between myself and the other workers something dawned on me and i said out loud
“wow,i could use some James Brown or Marvin Gaye this music is fucking horrid’
out of nowhere as if i spoke the name of satan one of the women hushed me up with a quickness i only wished most Florians actually had
i was awestruck and had to ask what was so incorrect about what i had just said
this womans eyes became huge and began to tell me about an old woman who shopped in the store every 3 days
the story sounded as this old bag of money was Moby Dick
now i say this in the exact ignorant way it was said to me
“That woman went up to Mr.(store mgr.) and politely told him that she spends alot of money in this store and the other store on Military Drive and she would appreciate it if the next time she came into these stores to spend her money that she did not have to listen to jungle N-GG-R music”
basically in a 5 mile radius in Florida they will only play muzak in supermarkets because a cunty rich old white woman does not care to hear Motown
its not a fun fact under a snapple cap


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