A Message in a Bottle for the Collections Agent,oh and Piss Off

Back when i was a company mercenary ,well first not the shirt and tie type more of the doc marten and black flag t shirt wearing type
i was sent to another location to clean up another mans mess,he was given the job as the only man left with two good eyes and one good leg
the state of the place was disgraceful except for one gleaming hope…a pierced good looking inked kid who had every potential to conquer the world
if only he was given his say if your looking for the homoerotic art its not going to how up but keep reading there is a moral
i walked in with my coffee started to look around when he got curious and asked if he could help me with anything, i told him my name and his eyes lit up with disbelief as if i had my name was william wallace
this man was a few years the younger but lost all belief in himself ,the workforce and most of all anyone with authority
who would blame him the least bit he had been abused, beat up also never shown how or why he was doing the work he was doing
two years went by i was stuck there with basically him and myself in a retail vietnam
to this day we hold records for things done in the company which id’ say isnt too shabby for a loose cannon and a rough cut diamond
as the sun came up one bright morning with the smell of new jersey starting to creep through the summer air we were deep in discussion over the paperwork, coffee in chain smoking
our backs were against the wall once again i was explaining how i was going to build rome in a day with a rubber band some cardboxes and one of those old ugly yellow walkmans
the plan wasnt’ sounding all too good with him but i was reminding him what we have done also what i have pulled off in the past
now ive’ been robbed at gun point so i have dealt with seriousness
flustered and angry with the most serious heart attack face ive’ ever seen
my brother in arms unleashed one of the best sentences ive’ ever have the fortune of hearing
-i dont’ care what you have been through or what we have done this is me standing here going through it-
it rang in my ears again today
a sentence most people could use everyday
compassion for the soul standing next to you or on that telephone line
is a wonderful thing


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