Never too late for childhood

It seems theres more stories of my younger years than i even seem to remember at least thats what an email just told me old friend with no children tells tales of our youth when in the mix of hip parents out on the tiles quipping about how darling and clever their offspring are ..he reaches back to the dark days of catholic school ,nuns and how we really didnt’ know any better….
so his newest memory to tell where and when fitting is of myself in the second grade learing of clouds their names and the science behind why the color of the sky is blue
i was in trouble so often in that school i forget most of the reasons unless it was something outlandish or people have drilled it into my brain
so as it goes we were learning all that mentioned above on a cloudy day
my argument with the teacher led me to try to storm out of the classroom door and halfaway into the street to point out that the sky was horrid gray black
the outburst also led me to call the teach a bold liar because sometimes the sky was pink, orange,purple
it led the classroom into a fray since since the teacher was now put on the spot with 25 children now yelling why at the falsehoods she just told us now she had to explain smog, smokestacks
pollution and all the other wonderful goodies that create other crayola colors in the sky

i really wish that little kid who didnt’ belive anything he was told would have showed up not that long ago


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