With this dreadful week at a close putting numbers behind me at least for a day a two is a huge weight off my back and shoulders
revisiting old music a bit also adds to wanderlust
i really hated winter park but its crossed my mind a few times no reason for it really theres a warrant with with my name on it there
my scooter, myself and a starbucks red eye sitting there staring at a walgreens before i hit the curved tree lined backroad to work
not thinking about work at all
as a nice collection of menthol fillters collect in the ashtray
thoughts were always about this city that might as well been camelot to me in my memory
go figure
by no means am i looking to run or go walkabout again
a serious holiday is needed for these nine digits
not even from the faces i love here
treading new or old scenery helps every so often it just become part of my dna
los angeles even sounds rather good at this point
til then its saturday
galahad stills holds court around thes parts


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