We All Float Down Here

Theres something in the air for some time now that i cant’ really seem to place…
it could be the state of the economy in this city with the masses of working middle class yearning to breathe free
i really would love to blame the little twins in matching jordan tracksuits who creep into my view in the early morning giving me visions of hip hop movie versions of stephen king novels
all work and no sampling makes p. diddy a dull playboy
missy eliot breaking snoops ankles over a huge blunt
kanye west in a sewer humming fur elise through a vocoder yelling about how p. diddys version of the shining was better than jack nicholson
its there fault for all the misery on peoples faces as the argue their way onto a bus since they dont’ even have the fare to get to work
just blame them about people whining on their cell phones at 7am about how they cant’ make the payment on the land rover this month if the condo deal in williamsburg falls through
the huge blame finger goes at them for method man not getting the part as scatman crothers in the new ill shining remake( or new albums)
muck to the baby blue boy wonders of the new famine
the stench reeks off them
its getting ugly out here


One response to “We All Float Down Here

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