Bricks Dont’ Hit Back

Long before the days of the infamous blue tooth it was rather common to see people around the city folks talking to themselves
bus stop,fire hydrant or the just a plain old allyway brick wall
i never understood the logic behind it even though i would try to wrap my sober more often clouded brain around it
maybe were they turning down jobs as new prophets id’ never know
as of the other day i think i have it nailed down after watching the sunrise with one of my neighbors talking to the bench he lives on
these inanimate objects being yelled at have seen more in their existence than we might possilbly ever see
listening to the dark secrets
they dont’ judge
there is no defragmentation of the truth into what they would like to hear
they do not secretly plot what they are going to say whilst you are talking
nor do they hold on to words in times of compassion only to catapult them back for their own use or gain
concrete will at least retain moisture for a short time if cried upon
alot of us have been talking to walls our whole life without ever noticing
playing telephone answering our own echo through that rusty tin can who should be listening
on the other end
next time you see a building being torn down or a lampost run down by a car they might be someones only confidant


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