Old Haunts

i have an old friend of mine that i do miss terribly from time to time he is definitely high ranking in the army of assholes i know and trust
to know him well is to love him
if i heard liam yelled blocks away i could tell you it was him
he is an aficionado of hideout bars,good books as well as dark humor which brings the jokes rolling along after at least one pint
bad jokes from old mens mouths at two in the afternoon falling off a barstool
most of us have heard them all
as for the seriously uncalled for ones they are easier to remember even staring through a pint glass
the looks of anger get worse as i recite the punchlines as he does or all of us in unison
as the beer flows so do the jokes forgetting that we know the lot of them
the later the clock smiles and the louder the jukebox gets
we still see them coming
its just not funny anymore
the badly timed punchlines
its really not fucking funny this early in the morning or late at night
i know the schtick already
get fucking over it
that goes for you too


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